The J. Silverheels Band (JSB) was formed in the summer of 1976 by Joe Geremia, known as Smokin’ Joe by all his friends and fans.  JSB was primarily a private party band playing country, Top 40 Pop, and the best 70’s rock songs imaginable.  The band slowed down in 1977 during Joe’s two year gig as lead guitarist with the popular high energy rock band, Exxe.

But in 1978 the JSB was back on the road, and playing every weekend, hitting all the clubs in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas.  Napa’s O’Sullivans, Nite Cap, 300 Club, Soscol House, Moose, & Elks Clubs all took turns breaking new records every time the J. Silverheels Band was there.  There was also Alfredo’s, Rainbow Bridge, Overon, Napa Bowl, Lamplighter, Red Hen, Moscowite Corners, Spanish Flat Inn, Putah Creek and other smaller places that came and went.  But of all the clubs, they are probably most known at the very lively Fireside Lounge in Vallejo and Sundowner Lounge in Benicia.  These were two rockin’ places that packed the house every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and the JSB kept up on all the new top 40 hits as well as the huge rock hits from the 70’s and people just couldn’t get enough of them.  And if anyone was an R-Ranch member in the 80’s, they will no doubt remember the wild and crazy times there with the JSB.  As a matter of fact, the JSB still play there at their big events such as Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

In the early 90’s, Joe and best friend and front man for the band, Tom ‘Crash’ Wilson decided to go separate ways after 15 years together.  They spent over a year planning the split which finally happened at a huge New Years Eve party.  Tom went on to write and record songs in the L.A. area, and Joe took a U-turn and transitioned his band into one of the best 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s classic rock & roll oldies band in the entire area, and in less than two years, had to quit playing night clubs because of all the private events they were getting.  Eventually, he snagged long time friends and former Exxe bandmates, Jim Lang and Rick Joens, who teamed up and produced the perfect beat for the style of music Joe wanted – 50’s rock ‘n roll oldies with the big 70’s rock sound.  In the year 2000, Joe teamed up with Greg Allman & friend’s horn section leader, Mark Showalter, who eventually left Greg and started playing saxophone and piano with the JSB full time in 2001.  You can still expect to see Mark playing with the JSB, but only about once per month, since in 2009 he became very busy with the very popular Bay Area band, House of Floyd.  Otherwise, he is normally replaced with two of the finest bay area musicians, Rich Avila on sax, and Doug McKeehan on piano.  The J. Silverheels classic rock & roll & oldies band still continues to be one of the most popular bands in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas, and will continue to entertain for many years to come.

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